Monday, August 17, 2009

And so the next leg of our shit adventure begins.

It’s been a tough ride getting here, to a train bound for Stockholm from the south of Sweden, where Annika’s family lives. Between the million and one things one needs to do before going on a shoot, to the family obligations that, while desirable, often get in the way of a moment’s bottom line, to the unforseen disasters that eat time, energy, and sometimes will, it sometimes seems like a miracle that we’ve gotten this far.

This morning was the toughest: leaving Sirianna in Lund with her grandmother, on a 10day stint until I leave Annika in Stockholm to come back and pick her up. That’ll be one big ass train ride packed with joy, but 10 days away. She’s a tough little cookie, so seeing her sad is always a bit of a shock. It was a lump in my throat moment, waving to my girl through the tiny train window, while she buried her face in her granny’s arms. That’s also the biggest “what the *@! are we doing” moment that I get. As Annika’s wisely taken to reminding us, this film has the potential to do some real good.

There aren’t a lot of things I’ve done in my life that I could honestly call important. But I think this is. And Annika’s reminder of that has helped me to put all that back into perspective. All the seemingly endless challenges of pre-production, the frustration of , in the middle of a recession, pushing a film that commissioners have openly said they would have financed 100% just a year ago, and the pain of separation, all become a little more tolerable when I manage to take a step back and look at the whole shebang with the perspective of “I’m doing something good.”

But guess what: gloom and doom is not the only part of this recipe. We’re going on a shoot! We’ve got  Alex the cameraman from Montreal, and Claes who is our Stockholm sound recordist  (that Annika’s been raving about since she last worked with him a couple of months ago), and the full support of our Stockholm character Camilla (she and Anders, the Peepoople, are behind us and in front of the cameras 100%), the Stockholm Water Week organizers, our respective families and, right now, the Swedish train service! Now, finally, the fun begins again.

And with sunlight breaking through the nordic sky, and the Swedish landscape zooming by the window of my speed train, I gotta fess’ up to a pretty huge optimism. Annika and I have become a pretty well-oiled awesome, sexy shit-tackling machine. I’ve got every confidence that together we can master this project and really make it count.

Didn’t expect this to disintegrate into a rah rah session. I’m sure I’ll find some more gloom as we go along.

Gotta focus past the chick chattering on her cell phone next to us and read a fresh document. 3 hours away is Stockholm, and the infamy of SH*T!


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