Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Crazy day. The first day of our Stockholm shoot. Alex got here yesterday so we’re working with him for the first time. My first time in Stockholm, first time meeting our character Camilla. And my first time as a sound recordist, not even doing too much damage to Marco’s mixer and harness. Conferences, shit specialists and international do-gooders milling about exhibits of toilets… Like I said, crazy day.

PLUS… posters for Tom Jones live all over Stockholm, his voice on the radio pumping out Delilah behind me. Nuff said.

There was no time to take production stills today because I was holding a goddamn boom, but they would have been cool: Alex and Annika on cameras A & B, Claes and me on Booms 1 & 2. Camilla bouncing through the crowds telling them all about her presentation tomorrow. Running accross Dr Pathak, our main Delhi character, while he gears up to receive the Stockholm Water Prize and $150 grand in cold hard cash.

Strangest moment: when my cheap old headphones disintegrated, leaving little black flakes of vynil stuck all over my ears and neck.

I’m probably a bit too fatigued to be writing this. But tomorrow: Camilla’s presentation and post-presentation meeting, more toilet hilarity, and a probable evening of schmoozing with sanitation nerds (their term, not mine)to see if we can all help each other.

Truly, the film is in the beginning throes of taking on its own life. Couldn’t be happier.

Except if my girl was here.


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