Sifting the material

I remember when a friend came to me, troubled and paralysed. She looped for some time, essentially saying that she wanted to, needed to talk, but didn’t know where to begin.

“Just start anywhere and see where it goes.”

It seemed to do the trick then. Now, sticking to my own advice is turning out to be a bigger deal. There’s a mountain of footage to sift through, a million possible choices, and a hell of a lot riding on the ones I make. And while “paralysed” doesn’t really apply, I’ll willingly confess to being troubled.

However, today marks the first day since our return, where there’s been time for Annika and I to sit down and go through our material in anything like a sustained manner. Up to now it’s been one of us working/watching while the other takes care of another, critical task, then swapping places, keeping notes and sending e-mails back and forth all the while.

Insane, right?

Camilla and Vincent discussing Kibera’s flying toilets

One day of intense discussion in our little home editing suite, with a pair of wolves snoozing at our feet, and PRESTO! Once again the ideas are being bandied about. Therein lies the stellar advantage of producing with a partner: the possibility that one can nudge something somewhere that the other person never suspected. All of a sudden something`s knocked loose and I can see past the mountains of distractions to the real value of our material. I`ve kicked Annika out of the suite for the time being to completely immerse myself in the story. That process is understandably trickyfor her from a collaborator point of view, but she also knows that that means things are happening.

Rest assured darlin`: we`re sitting on one hell of a story.


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