Time flies when there is none

Psychotically enough it’s been months since the last entry. The flipside to having nothing to write about is having too much, and so little time to write about it that it ends up slipping away.

Well, now that we’ve acknowledged that, let’s move on shall we.

What my keyboard-calloused fingers are happy about these days is that the new 6 minute trailer is done. The material was having its way with me before the holidays, smacking me upside the head and daring me to splice stuff together. But I stuck with it and birthed a preliminary cut that has since served as a deeply flawed but incredibly useful template for a lot of the footage. Going back in to any given scene has been relatively simple, and Annika and I have built something with it that we’re both proud of.  Check out the new clip!

On a whole other note we’re off to Berlin next week. SH*T! has been accepted into the Documentary Campus Masterschool. It’s quite prestigious, boasting a panel of top european commissioning editors and professionals who are there to mentor and teach us. Coolest (and most costly) of all, each of the 4 sessions happens in a different European city. Berlin is the beginning, followed by Graz in Austria, Krakow in Poland, and Leipzig back in Germany. A phenomenal opportunity which just happens to be fraught with complications.

Not least of which is the cost of to-ing and from-ing 3 people four times this year, PLUS wherever our stories take us in the interim. A short term solution has been decided: I’m going for three weeks and Annika is staying on in Sweden with Sirianna at the family farm until the second session, just 4 weeks later in Graz, which I’ve opted out of. My main interest is in getting to know these people and diving into the first session, on writing a documentary, as seen through the eyes of commissioning editors.

So it kind of sucks. I’ll be without my wife and daughter for something along the lines of 5 weeks while I work as much as I can to make up for the last year of being a professional documentary filmmaker at a time when there’s very little money to spread around. I’ll miss my girls like crazy, but it does all make sense, and the good news is that Annika and I are so goddamn digital now that we can keep working whether together or separated. And at least I’ll have the wolves to keep me company.

We leave on Saturday. Needless to say, this week will be insane.


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