Annika Gustafson Annika Gustafson – Producer, Writer, Director

Annika grew up on a pig farm in southern Sweden where she literally fell into the manure pit – an incident that ultimately drove her to look for a different occupation.

With an international MBA specialized in film production from the University of Lund, Sweden, and the École Supérieure du Commerce de Paris, she moved to Canada in 1995 to pursue a BFA in Film Production. She has since worked as a producer, director and camerawoman both in Scandinavia and in Canada. She has also taught producing, directing, and camera & lighting at a local college. She has shot, directed and edited 12 short films about contemporary arts around the world for Swedish Television. KILLING TIME, her feature length documentary debut, won Le Grand Prix at the Montreal Human Rights Film Festival 2008, and was nominated for best feature documentary at the Rendez-vous du cinéma québecois in 2009. It is currently nominated for a Film-Maker’s Choice Award at Culture Unplugged. PARALLEL LINES, an experimental documentary, won her a Best Cinematography award at Les Visions du Réel Documentary Film Festival, in Nyon, Switzerland.

TWITTER: AnnikasShitChat

Phil Jandaly Phil Jandaly – Writer, Director, Editor

Phil knows a thing or two about poop after Annika talked him into having two sled dogs and one baby.

He has been editing television and film works for 12 years, cutting everything from prime-time dramas, to feature length documentaries, to short films, to fishing shows, to stand up comedy. He has studied communications, cinema, multi-media, graphic and industrial design, delving deeply into motion graphics and compositing. Phil has also cut his chops as a director, on a season’s worth of half hour documentaries on film personalities for the Québec broadcast Gros Plan Sur… He won Best Short Fiction Film at the Montreal World Film Festival student competition for URBANISM. He last directed a film adaptation of Nikolai Gogol’s Diary of a Madman.


Mary Armstrong – Consultant Producer

Mary Armstrong has been producing television for twenty-five years. Her documentary and short fiction films have won such awards as a Cable Ace Gémeaux and Gemini awards, New York Film Festival, San Francisco Film Festival and Media Watch awards. Mary has sat on the boards of the Academy of Canadian Cinema, APFTQ doc section, L’ARRQ, DOC Quebec, and was co-chair of Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund. Mary has produced for the National Film Board, CBC, Radio-Canada, Virage, Galafilm, and other companies. She was Executive in Charge of Production for Cinar Films. From 1997 to Dec 2002, Mary was a producer at Pixcom Productions before she became Head of International Production at Pixcom where she oversaw the development and production of several new documentary and dramatic projects for the international market. She has produced and line-produced countless hours of documentaries, everything from one-offs to long series, both Canadian and international co-productions.

Denis McCready Line Producer

Denis McCready recently produced the award winning feature documentary BAS! Beyond the Red Light, about the victims of the rape trade in India and Nepal. 2010 will also see the premieres of his content produced “Montreal Punk – The First Wave”, the first ever telling of the emergence of the first punk bands in Québec and “Stream Quest”, a controversial look at hydroelectric production and green energies in Québec.

Previously Denis has worked as production manager and line producer on award-winning documentaries including “Korea: The Unfinished War”, “Boot it Up – La Bottine Souriante”, “Danser Perreault”, “The Great War” and the feature documentary Earth Keepers by veteran director Sylvie Van Brabant, shot by Katerine Guigère. He line-produced the landmark HD documentary series Mars Rising for Discovery Canada and Discovery US, which was shot around the world in more than 70 locations, and Naica, Secrets of the Crystal Cave installment one and two for National Geographic and Discovery Channel Canada.

Denis has worked as a photographer for Care Canada and Doctors Without Borders in the former war zones of Bosnia and Nagorno-Karabakh. Denis is also an accomplished an award winning writer who has seen enough shit to care.

Jessica Berglund – Assistant Producer

Born in a tiny village in Sweden, where new art and culture were hard to find, she panicky threw herself into art and film history. After college studies within visual arts followed university studies in history of cinema and a 4 years program: Culture-, Social studies & Media production.

Jessica has a broad interest within story telling, documentary media and technology. She has therefore aimed to work cross-interdisciplinary and with mixed medias. She has in the production SPÅR developed an interactive documentary film on homelessness, where the viewer becomes the active story explorer. She has also worked on a dramatized documentary video/audio installation in FACE BY FACE, mixed with augmented reality media, as well as an interactive media history archive, given out together with an scientific anthology in Sweden. She has worked on homelessness in South Africa in the documentary short IN BETWEEN, as well as documentary short on HIV/AIDS in Sweden and South Africa within the educative media project Point Of View. Before landing in Canada, she worked as the public event planner for the Museum of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Katerine Giguère – Director of Photography

Katerine Giguère has worked in the film industry for more than fifteen years. She began her career as an assistant camerawoman on feature-length dramatic films then went on to become a partner in the documentary production company Rapide-Blanc where she produced, directed and shot her first documentary Seeds of Hope (L’ïle aux fleurs).

For the last ten years Katerine has concentrated on cinematography, collaborating on several award winning films with noted directors such as: Karina Goma, Francine Pelletier, Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, Hugo Latulippe, Bernar Hébert and Sylvie Van Brabant.

 Katerine is in love with photography and dramatic films as much as documentary, and never ceases to be inspired by this world of images.

Mélanie Gauthier – Sound Recordist

Mélanie has previously collaborated with Annika on KILLING TIME. She spent 4 weeks working and living with Annika in Nepal doing location recording. She then designed and edited the sound back in Montreal. Her intuition and readiness are integral to her ability to capture high quality sound in the heat of the moment or the middle of a crowd. Mélanie equally has the sensitivity and foresight to record extensive location sound banks for the “you never know” moments of post-production. Mélanie regularly works on shoots around the world; from Africa to the North Pole, Bangladesh to Costa Rica, as well as in her native Canada. She is a skilled sound editor who’s very much in tune with the subtle effects of painstaking sound design. She just won her first Gémeaux for Best Sound.

Peter Lopata – Sound Designer

Peter Lopata is a freelance sound architect who’s been dabbling in sound since his early childhood days with a reel-to-reel tape machine belonging to his father. 30 years later, he walked off a stage with one Gemini and two Gémeaux awards. He’s nurtured his unique and meticulous creativity through electro acoustic composition, music recording & mixing, and location & sound effects recording. In 1997, he designed and edited the sound on BURNT EDEN, his first feature length film experience. Since then he’s worked as both editor and supervising sound editor on short films, feature films, television series, made for television movies, and documentaries. He’s a member of the Motion Picture Sound Editors association (MPSE) and the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television (ACCT), and has had various Genie and Gemini nominations besides his wins. He recently won a Golden Reel Award from the MPSE.

Christiane Magee – Multimedia Producer/Consultant & Web Content Developer

Christiane Magee has 10+ years of experience as a producer, account & project manager, creative director, designer and programmer in the multimedia industry. She co-founded Plank Multimedia Inc. in 1998, where she received a nomination for Best Film Website for (Bowling for Columbine) at SXSW 2003. She also headed the logo and web development for NFB’s CitizenShift, a multimedia initiative serving as a bulletin board, forum and incubator for documentary filmmakers. In 2004, she leaped into newer technology at Airborne Mobile Inc., where she served as Director of Creative Services, then Director of Brand Management, helping clients zero in on the untapped mobile markets and promotions potential, opening new and modular portals for mobile product and information. Clients included top media brands FOX (Family Guy), MAXIM, and the NHL. productions inc. – Animators is an animation studio located in Montreal, Canada, that showcases the talents of Flash animator Ryosuke Aoike. Over the last several years, Aoike has produced a wide body of animation work for television, the web, cell phone display and theatrical release. Aoike has created a variety of animation styles and formats and is a very versatile and committed studio. Rysokue’s animation CATMAN won the Montreal GRAFIKA Award in 2003. PERESTROIKA was nominated in official competition at 7 animation festivals.